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Practice groups & schedule

  • Group A: Practices Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5:45-6:30 pm

This group is designed to be a bridge from “learn-to-swim” programs to competitive swimming and to primarily prepare age 8 and under swimmers to swim 25-yard events in the four competitive strokes. Group A is open to new swimmers with minimal to no club experience and will include swimmers up to age 9. Coaches will teach dives/starts and turns, technique for all four strokes and other skills required to compete in a swim meet. Although it is not required, Group A swimmers are encouraged to swim in YMCA meets. This group can also be an option for Group B swimmers with scheduling conflicts.

  • Group B: Practices Monday,Wednesday and Friday at 5:00-5:45 pm

This group is designed for age 9 and over swimmers who are new, or relatively new, to competitive swimming, and are still learning the “basics.” The emphases are similar to the above group with an added emphasis on preparing swimmers to compete in 50-yard events and above. Swimmers at this level will compete primarily in YMCA meets, but some may be prepared for USA Swimming meets.

Group C-Practices Monday through Friday, 5:00-6:00 pm

This group is designed for age 9-12 swimmers who are prepared to meet the demands of, and keep pace with, the Junior group. It will also include swimmers over age 12 who are not yet ready for the Senior group. Coaches will work on all four strokes, starts and turns, building endurance and racing. Swimmers in this group will compete in YMCA meets, and some may compete in USA Swimming meets.

Group D- Practices Monday through Friday, 3:30-5:00 pm

This group is  for  swimmers who have decided to pursue the limits of their ability.  Particpation in this group must be earned and is by invitaion only.  The decision to bring a swimmer into the group is not solely based upon upon ablitity.  To be invited a swimmer must demonstrate a commitment to both the sport and the group.  This involves attendance, attitude and effort put forth.  Our lane space is limited, so this group will no longer be available to part timers or swimmers being forced to particpate by parents.  It's for those that want to be there, and want to do the work.  In addition, once a swimmer reaches Group D level they are declaring that they can make indendent decisions regarding how to proceed in the sport.  

Group Assignment

Group assignment is determined by Coach Mike and his assistants. Swimmers and parents are encouraged to discuss goals and progress with the coaches. All of the following (not just “measurables” like age, intervals and time standards) are taken into consideration when determining group assignment:

  • The ability to make intervals/time send-offs
  • Time Standards
  • Age
  • Ability and Potential
  • Commitment and Attendance
  • Practice Habits/Attitude
  • Leadership
  • Interaction with Others

Although these factors are primary in determining a swimmer’s “group,” coaches will work hard to make pool time available to club members. If a swimmer has a scheduling conflict and needs to swim at a different time/practice, we will try to work it out. If there is a scheduling conflict, please contact Coach Mike to discuss whether or not it is feasible and in the swimmer’s best interest.

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