Canada Meet Results

    Congratulations to the 34 swimmers who competed this past weekend at the Maine Swimming International Invitational in Canada.  As a team we finished 2nd overall, and our girls team won our first ever MESI Championship.   The swimmers set 59 new team records.  The record breakers consisted of Logan Dinkel, Eli Burnham, Ian Dickson, Emily Kennard, Addison Burnham, Anabelle Orth, Rowan Stewart, Lilly Choate, Addie Pollis, Oona Stewart, Ian Fournier, Jameson Russell, Zac Claude, Owen Munzing, Cecilia and Anne Guadalupi, Emma Thomas, Delaney Willey, Ryan Emerson and Nathan Berry.  In addition to the team records, Nathan Berry set a new Maine Swimming Record in 17-18 50 meter, and the 11-12 girls relays using Emily Kennard, Addison Burnham, Anabelle Orth, Rowan Stewart and Addie Pollis broke Maine Swimming Records in the 400 Free Relay, 400 Medley Relay and 200 Free Relay.  

    The results are posted under the schedule tab on the website, and the LCM records have been updated.   

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