Parents Meeting October 9th at 6 pm

    We will have a parent's meeting in the gym at 6 pm on Wednesday October 9th.  As of last June all USA swimming teams are required to have implemented the Minor Athlete Abuse Protection Policy which is on our website.  In conjunction with adopting the policy we are required to have all parents sign an acknowledgement of the policy.  We will go over the policy at the meeting and I will introduce our team Safesport Coordinator Therese Cahill so everyone knows who she is.  We will also cover USA registration, meet volunteers, swim committee efforts (this years swim committee is Melissa Emerson, Jeff Orth, Bill Crosby, Ellen Burnham and Erin Skehan), ,the meet schedule as well as answering questions.  Thus there is something for everyone both old and new.  I will look forward to seeing everyone on the 9th.


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