Home Meet on November 16th

    We have our first Y dual meet this coming Saturday.  The entry method for YMCA meets assumes everyone is swimming.  Those that can't swim should therefore contact me and indicate their child cannot be at the meet.  This is particularly important for swimmers who are scheduled to swim a relay.  With advance notice I can often work out a solution so the other three swimmers can still get a third swim.  With no notice, it often means that the other swimmers lose a swim and we deck scratch the relay.

    For those parents interested in volunteering, and we certainly need all the help we can get since our meets are run by volunteers, and the concession stand is stocked with dish/food donations, there is a way to sign up.  You go into the schedule tab and click on the volunteer tab next to the specific meet (this week it is the NYCY Meet) and help by signing up for job or food item.  

    I will try to have a line up posted on the pool wall by Thursday, so please let me know as soon as possible if your child can't swim.


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